Vanguard Companies Announces Digital Expansion in Bentonville, AR

Kansas City, Missouri based Vanguard Companies announced the expansion and enhancement of its sales and design center located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The expansion includes the acquisition of a new HP Latex R2000 Plus Digital Printer which is expected to augment the company’s digital printing capabilities and services.

“We opted for HP due to our previous relationship with them and their high level of service,” said Josh Grindstaff, Director of Plant Operations. “The HP Latex R2000 Plus Digital Printer was specifically selected to continue our sustainable mission, as it is a water-based printer rather than UV. Furthermore, it matches our HP C500 Digital Printer profile and improves our capacity, agility, lead times, and commitment to our customers on a continuous improvement cycle.”

The HP Latex R2000 Plus Digital Printer is touted for improved performance, quality, and quick turnaround times for mock-ups, short production runs, signage, variable print, and more.

The HP Latex R Series employs environmentally friendly inks to produce vibrant colors.

“After conducting extensive research on other digital printer options, we have the utmost confidence in the HP Latex R2000 Plus Digital Printer to provide our clients with a robust and reliable digital solution to explore and visualize the best merchandising programs for their requirements,” said Chris Cummings, Executive Vice President of Sales.

The Bentonville Sales and Design office of Vanguard Companies offers a comprehensive range of services, including sales, design, program management, and digital printing, all under one roof. This consolidated approach enables the company to help its clients drive innovation, reduce program costs, create brand value, gain market share, and enhance in-store merchandising effectiveness.

According to Jim Beard, CEO of Vanguard Company, Vanguard is committed to making continuous investments in its commercial organization by prioritizing the growth of high-performing teams, capabilities, operations, and best-in-class customer experience. “The Bentonville team is an integral part of our successful growth strategy. We are excited to continue to invest in talent and resources to expand our commitment to this region,” he said.

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