Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap & Plastic Films

Flexible stretch film, shrink wrap, and plastic films are an integral component to achieving protective product packaging
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Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap, & Plastic Films

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Stretch film, shrink wrap, and plastic films are not solely a cost-effective matter of convenience: they’re a sustainability and preservation essential. Stretch wrap film and shrink wrap provide an airtight seal and containment ideal for perishable contents, preventing potential mishaps throughout the product packaging & shipping process. View our catalog of stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core film, bundling filmshrink wrap, shrink film bags, and other plastic films.

The Ruskin Group specializes in all types of plastic films, from shrink wrap to stretch film. Contact a specialist to learn more about our catalog of stretch film and shrink wrap. We offer custom retail and consumer packaging services that are designed to meet your needs.

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