Sustainability Audit

Certified Sustainability Organization

Certified Sustainability Organization

An annual sustainability audit is necessary and required of all CSO’s (Certified Sustainability Organizations) to ensure their alignment with FSI and OSHA standards. The purpose of a sustainability audit is to take inventory of policies, procedures, and practices of an organization, and it makes sure these are in line with industry standards. It documents which practices are in place and to what extent across a range of sustainability categories. These audits are administered by the organization.

In addition, The Ruskin Group sets annual goals to further reduce air emissions, conserve water and materials, and reduce chemical losses. These goals are part of our overall participation in reducing our carbon footprint. We acknowledge our responsibility in giving fellow employees a safe and healthy work environment, a core value of The Ruskin Group. Our OSHA safety incident goal is to achieve elite safety performance and prevention measures.

These audits are critical to The Ruskin Group’s growth, performance, and status as a CSO. We take these audits seriously and demand full cooperation from all employees.

Some of the primary functions of a sustainability audit are as follows:

Best Practices

Compares policies, procedures, and practices to industry best practices


Improves planning, structure, and accountability

New Initiatives

Identifies new sustainability initiatives


Facilitates “period to period” and “business to business” tracking

Improves Performance

Improves overall sustainability performance

For questions regarding our sustainable practices, please contact The Ruskin Group directly.

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