UPM, Partners Explore Opportunities For Flexographic Printers

Packaging supplier UPM Specialty Papers has collaborated with Bobst and Siegwerk to create opportunities for UPM’s packaging papers on standard flexographic printing machines.

During a joint project, the partners demonstrated that UPM’s packaging papers could be printed efficiently while achieving heat-sealability using flexographic techniques.

The initiative combined UPM’s papers with Siegwerk’s UniNATURE water-based ink series, as well as two heat-sealing lacquers from the CIRKIT coatings range.

The printing trials were conducted on the Bobst MASTER CI, a ten-color wide-web press optimized for water-based inks, achieving speeds up to 800 meters per minute.

The collaboration also investigated how various parameters influence print quality, with the tested resolutions and anilox configurations delivering high-resolution results across all four papers printed.

The project also delivered parameters on ways to improve flexible packaging papers with heat-sealing properties with flexographic printing.

UPM’s fibre-based packaging papers are designed for both food and non-food applications.

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