The Packaging Trust of Michigan City, Indiana announced the assets purchase of Parry Machine Company, Inc. and the creation of a three-company partnership between Samuel Parry, Jorson & Carlson Co., Inc., and Applied Solutions.

Since 1899, Samuel R. Parry has provided the Rigid Box industry with the critical equipment and parts to produce high-quality rigid packaging for America’s favorite brands, including Russell Stover, Hasbro, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Tiffany & Co.

Mike Coughlin and his team have continued to provide support for Parry Mitering Machines and Board Corner Cutters, as well as packaging equipment originally manufactured by Crathern and Smith, Stokes and Smith, New Jersey Packaging Equipment, and FMC.

Samuel Parry will relocate the parts business to Michigan City. Aaron Judson will be the Director of Operations for the parts division, and along with Pam Ponder, Samuel Parry will continue to supply parts for Crathern and Smith, Stokes and Smith, FMC, and New Jersey packaging equipment.

To continue to sharpen the knives used to prepare paper and board materials for the industry, Jorson & Carlson will assume this responsibility using the same proprietary grinding fixtures utilized by Parry Machine.
Jorson & Carlson is an industrial knife sharpening company established in 1917 and centrally located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Bob Ferguson of Applied Solutions LLC, in Indianapolis, Indiana, will handle the sales and Research and Development efforts for the Robox automated box spotting equipment and glue viscosity systems.

Parry Robox spotting equipment paired with Applied Solutions glue viscosity systems have allowed box companies to produce 20,000 to 23,000 boxes per 10-hour shift with state-of-the-art spotting accuracy.
Bob has been involved in the Box industry since 1995 and looks forward to further integrating automation into all of the box plants.

The Packaging Trust said it will diligently work with its partners to ensure a smooth transition.

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