The BoxMaker Partners With Hexpand On Packaging Solution

Kent, Washington based The BoxMaker, a manufacturer of custom corrugated packaging, and Hexpand, inventors of innovative packaging solutions, announced a partnership to bring to market an environmentally-friendly packaging option that redefines the retention and suspension packaging landscape.

Designed by the Hexpand team and manufactured by The BoxMaker, Hexpand is a protective packaging format that offers the market a paper-based suspension and retention packaging option, ensuring robust product protection while adhering to eco-conscious principles.

This new category offers a sustainable alternative to traditional resin-based solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses alike, without compromising on product protection or environmental responsibility. Hexpand can be incorporated into existing box structures or used as a stand-alone insert.

Each project is custom designed to meet the specific size, weight, and protective needs of the product being packaged.

“Our goal is to provide packaging solutions that meet the protection needs of products while being environmentally responsible. Hexpand provides the ideal balance that our clients require,” says Richard Brown, President and Co-Owner of The BoxMaker. Steve Martin, Co-Founder of Hexpand, said they are thrilled to bring to market a 100 percent curbside recyclable offering that can be tailor-made to protect a diverse range of products.

“The BoxMaker’s industry-leading digital converting equipment makes them the perfect manufacturing and distribution partner for this product,”

he said. Hexpand is made entirely from corrugated fiberboard, the most recovered packaging material in use today.

The BoxMaker sources corrugated materials from SFI Certified suppliers in North America, prioritizing whenever possible local mills who offer the highest available post-consumer recycled content.

With digital production manufacturing facilities located in Seattle, Washington, and Lowell, Arkansas, The BoxMaker currently offers Hexpand solutions to their clients throughout the United States through all three of their sales channels: Enterprise, Trade, and Fantastapack. For more information about Hexpand, visit

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