PPC Honors TPC Packaging’s Century Of Innovation, Resilience, Family Values

The Paperboard Packaging Council highlighted TPC Packaging recently in recognition of the company’s centennial. The following is in celebration of their resilience, innovation and steadfast family values:

Founded as the Textile Printing Company in April 1924, TPC Packaging has a rich history intertwined with the ever-expanding textile industry of the Southeast United States. From surviving the Great Depression to emerging as a leader in the packaging industry, we’re thrilled to share TPC Packaging’s story in celebration of their 100th birthday.

Joseph A. Schmissrauter, Sr. launched the Textile Printing Company in a modest 1,000 square foot building in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This venture was born to meet the needs of the booming local textile industry by providing essential tags and labels.

A savvy and honest businessman, Mr. Schmissrauter guided his fledgling company through the harsh years of the Great Depression while raising a young family. His strong values and teachings left a lasting impact on his family, including his son, Joe Schmissrauter, Jr.

Joe Jr., born with entrepreneurial spirit, joined the family business after serving in the United States Military. Known for his sales prowess, Joe Jr. could “sell ice to Eskimos” and constantly sought new opportunities for growth.

When hosiery giant Kayser Roth asked if they could produce a folding carton, the company leapt into action despite lacking the necessary equipment. This bold move launched their entry into folding carton production, setting the stage for future success. As their offerings expanded, the Textile Printing Company rebranded to TPC Packaging in the 90s, reflecting its broader scope.

Leadership transitioned to Joe Jr.’s daughter, Hilda S. Murray, who was well-prepared for the role after years of dedication to the family business and the folding carton industry.

Under her leadership, TPC Packaging has thrived as an independent entity in an increasingly consolidated world. Ms. Murray emphasizes the importance of flexibility and nimbleness, stating, “The nimbleness and flexibility we have enjoyed as an independent folding carton company over the past century has sustained us.”

She has remained true to her family’s core values, focusing on the well-being of their associates: “At our core are our associates; without them, we cannot care for our customers.”

As an agile and innovative company, TPC Packaging has embraced digital technologies, transforming their business operations and manufacturing processes.

Ms. Murray notes, “The introduction of computers, e-mail, and digital workflows in the early to late 1990s transformed our business into working with speed and efficiency that compared to no other time.”

TPC continued production during the COVID-19 pandemic with careful precautions, which Ms. Murray describes as “the most significant challenge of our lifetimes from a personal and business perspective.”

In addition to their business success, the Schmissrauter family has made significant contributions to their community. After losing their parents in 2000, they established the Schmissrauter Cancer Resource Center at CHI Memorial Hospital, providing support for patients recently diagnosed with cancer. They also set up a family fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, enabling them to support local initiatives directly.

Looking ahead, TPC Packaging continues to pursue ambitious growth. A recently completed 60,000-square-foot addition to their facility will house their rigid box division, digital enhancement fulfillment services, and specialty packaging production.
Reflecting on a century of achievements, Ms. Murray remains focused on the future: “We continue to grow, develop new technologies, and never stop thinking forward to the next opportunity.”
For more information, visit paperbox.org.

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