Paperboard Packaging Council Shares MemberStories On A Year Of Gratitude And Giving Back

In appreciation for its members as the end of the year approaches, the Paperboard Packaging Council extended its deepest appreciation to its members. PPC takes pride in having members who not only contribute to the success of our industry but also make a lasting impact on their communities. This Thanksgiving, PPC asked its members what they are grateful for and how they have given back this year.

Trent Tucker, American Carton Company: Trent’s gratitude extends beyond their business, from customers and employees to owners, suppliers, and the very source of our industry — trees. American Carton Company’s commitment to giving back is truly commendable. This year, they presented the TICCIT program at a local elementary school, spreading environmental awareness and highlighting the renewability and sustainability of paper and paperboard packaging.

They also took the lead as the title sponsor for an annual clay shooting event supporting medical research on the MTRFR gene defect. But their support doesn’t stop there – the company’s engagement in community events includes sponsorship of the Annual Methodist Hospital Mansfield Run With Heart 5K and half marathon, supporting the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) Foundation golf tournament, and participating in various charity programs.

American Carton Company goes above and beyond by employing interns from MISD Technical High School and the University of Texas Arlington, actively contributing to the development of future industry professionals.

Eric Frank, Koenig & Bauer: On the heels of the successful Fall Meeting, Koenig & Bauer’s Eric Frank is feeling grateful for the tremendous and diverse opportunities in the folding carton industry and the positive effort by so many to bring in new people to our industry.

There were lots of new faces at the recent event, and the industry has done an incredible job at welcoming new and diverse professionals to the table while still respecting history and institutional knowledge.

Eric and his team go out of their way to work with their community, but also make an effort to sponsor numerous customer events. These events serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and relationship- building, fostering a positive environment for industry professionals. This year, Koenig & Bauer has sponsored and donated to ten different events in their community. Through spreading their generosity far and wide, Koenig & Bauer has made an impact on the lives of many individuals, and they are looking forward to continuing that in 2024.

Ann Piper, Joe Piper Inc.: Ann Piper’s gratitude extends to friends, family, and the opportunity to work in an outstanding industry. Joe Piper Inc.’s unique giving-back initiative involves using company SWAG dollars to support By purchasing handmade pottery imprinted with their logo, they actively contribute to empowering women in Alabama who are fleeing homelessness, domestic violence, and sex trafficking.

Prodigal Pottery not only provides employment but also a safe and supported living environment where these women receive essential training and care. Since 2014, Prodigal Pottery has employed more than 200 women: 75 pursued higher education, 30 were reunited with their children, 25 bought their own vehicles, and collectively have received 2000+ hours of professional development training.

Ann encourages industry peers to explore similar projects, making their SWAG dollars go beyond branding to create positive change.

Jean Christophe Duchamp, Autajon Packaging: This year, Jean Christophe Duchamp of Autajon Packaging is especially thankful as some employees chose to return after having left the company the year following the challenges of COVID-19. Their decision to come back reflects the realization that working for Autajon is rewarding, and the company takes immense pride in such engagement.

Autajon Packaging’s commitment to its workforce is further exemplified by the decision to maintain a high level of healthcare benefits for all employees, despite a significant cost escalation. This healthcare plan has been recognized as one of the richest in the region, underscoring the company’s belief that its associates are its main asset and demonstrating genuine appreciation for their dedication and contributions.

Mallory Kolinski, Norkol Converting Corporation: Mallory Kolinski reflects on a multitude of reasons for gratitude this year. At Norkol, their focus on safety has been a cornerstone of their achievements, and Mallory specifically wants to shout out the team that has dedicated efforts to energizing this culture. The safety committee’s emphasis goes beyond mere policies and procedures; it’s about building a team that prioritizes people over paper or production. This commitment fosters an environment where team members look out for one another, creating a workplace that values the well-being of its employees.

In their 55th year of service to the paper and packaging industries, Norkol Converting Corporation continues to find joy and purpose in their work, and the anticipation of a pending move just 20 miles west of their current location adds another layer of excitement. Their longstanding dedication is a testament to their commitment to excellence and resilience within the industry.

At Norkol, the issue of mental illness support and awareness holds a special place in their hearts. Their commitment to community outreach is evident in their support for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). Norkol contributes a donation tied to a percentage of revenues annually, recognizing the critical importance of funding for research and support within the mental health community. Beyond financial contributions, Norkol actively participates in NAMI events and fundraisers, demonstrating a hands-on approach to community engagement.

Madison Keyser, Utah Paperbox: Madison Keyser reflects on the growth she’s experienced while navigating the challenges and triumphs of being in a family business. This unique journey has not only shaped her professionally but has also been a profound source of personal development, teaching her resilience, adaptability, and leadership. Utah Paperbox’s giving-back initiatives are robust and impactful. They focused their support on two organizations: the Women’s Resource Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake.

They collectively donated over 100 hours of service to the Women’s Resource Center, preparing and serving lunch to the homeless women and children that they serve, Through efforts of Utah Paperbox and their employees, they donated over $300,000 to the Boys and Girls Club.

In collaboration with Salt Lake City School District, Talent Ready Utah, and Salt Lake Community College, Utah Paperbox also initiated an apprenticeship program, investing in the education and future of high school seniors.

The program combines work and study, culminating in an Associate of Applied Science from the community college. The company covers all tuition and fees, offering a pathway for students to become full-time, benefits-eligible employees, aligning with Utah Paperbox’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of industry leaders.

Kristen Clark, Metsa Board: Expressing gratitude for working with wonderful people in an interesting industry, Kristen Clark highlights Metsa Board’s commitment to giving back. Alongside her colleagues, Kristen administered our TICCIT program to over 600 elementary school children! The program, focused on environmental education, was met with enthusiasm from the children.

Kristen and her team look forward to continuing this initiative in the coming years, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility in the younger generation.

Mique Buck, Indiana Carton Company: Mique Buck expresses gratitude for the dedicated employees at Indiana Carton Company and their commitment to community service. With a presence in Bremen since 1957, the company has witnessed continuous employee engagement in various volunteer opportunities. Initiatives include an employee appreciation night at the South Bend Cubs, sponsorship of the Bremen Community Summer Film Festival, and quarterly engagement events like Easter color boxes. The company also actively supports the local assisted living facility with a Christmas gift drive and hosts a fully catered Christmas party for both current and retired employees during the workday.

Actively participating in the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, they contribute to local business collaboration. Education initiatives involve participating in Manufacturing Days, where they schedule tours for students to learn about careers available at local manufacturing locations, along with participating in our TICCIT program, where they visit and discuss sustainability efforts with paperboard cartons and conclude the program by giving students a carton filled with a sapling and instructions for planting. Indiana Carton Company’s comprehensive community engagement reflects a deep commitment to employee well-being and positive relationships within their community.

PPC extends special thanks to each member for their outstanding contributions to the industry and the communities they serve.

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