Open design of premade pouch filler/sealer simplifies cleaning

For food packagers that require flexible packaging, the Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine provides an automated method for filling and sealing premade pouches. The filler, from vertical form-fill-seal machinery manufacturer Triangle Package Machinery Co. and JDD Packaging Ltd., features an open machine design for proper sanitation and maintenance.

The system is compatible with Doyen-style bags, three-side seal pouches and stand-up pouches. Packagers can also switch between various film structures, including foil.

Application examples include granola, snacks, candy, nuts, powders and fresh, frozen or dried produce. Depending on the product, the filler uses either a Triangle InLine Combination Weigher or other scale or auger to fill pouches. Standard features include an integrated date coder and a pouch shaker to settle product.

The filler, which features tool-less changeover, can store up to 48 recipes and run multiple pouch sizes. A “no fill/no seal” feature reduces product and pouch waste by not dispensing product into pouches that haven’t opened; those pouches also bypass the machine’s sealing station.

The easy-to-operate filler comes in two models—Model JRPM-8812 and JRPM-81215—and delivers filling speeds of up to 50 pouches per minute.

See the new Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine in person at WestPack 2020 (Feb. 11-13; Anaheim, CA) in Triangle Package Machinery Co. Booth 5061.


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