How Will These 200 Designs Power Your Next Package?

Creating a successful packaging design takes work. And inspiration. And resources. An idea here; an example there. Advice from other packaging design experts. Every bit helps fuel your creativity engine. Will it work for my product? How will it work?

For the fourth year in a row, Packaging Digest gives you a treasure trove of specimens with our 2019 POWerhouse Packages, a searchable, sortable database of new packages that we wrote about during 2019. Review 200 items posted on last year — from global brand marketers like Nestlé and ecommerce masterminds like Dollar Shave Club to sustainability stalwarts like Seventh Generation and healthcare advocates like Teva Pharmaceutical.

The free-to-download Excel document is designed for easy scanning yet provides a link to each article so you can get more details. Short summaries succinctly explain what is most compelling about each package. Color photos and captions showcase and describe critical details.

How will you use this valuable POWerhouse Packages tool to build your next hit package?

Download the 2019 POWerhouse Packages for free now below. When you open the file, you’ll see that the information is displayed in chronological order, with newest posts at the top. But sort it however it works best for you.


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Copies of databases from 2018, 2017, and 2016 are also still available for free downloads:

2018: “What can you learn from great packaging designs and concepts?”

2017: “166 new packages to inspire you”

2016: “2016 parade of new packages showcases great design”

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