EPA Region 7 Begins Process for Sixth Five-Year Review at Findett Corp. Superfund Site


LENEXA, KAN. (MAY 30, 2024) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 is beginning the Five-Year Review process for the Findett Corp. Superfund Site in St. Charles, Missouri.

This is the site’s sixth Five-Year Review and will include Operable Units 1, 2, and 3. Operable Unit 4, Ameren Substation, will not be included in this Five-Year Review as construction of a remedy has not yet started.

Five-Year Reviews provide an opportunity to evaluate the implementation and performance of a remedy and to determine if that remedy remains protective of human health and the environment.

EPA Region 7 will hold a public kickoff meeting on Thursday, June 27, to provide members of the community with a general overview of the Five-Year Review process and an opportunity to sign up for in-person interviews with members of the EPA site team.

“EPA Region 7 is committed to meaningful community involvement and engagement with the Superfund cleanup process,” said EPA Region 7 Superfund and Emergency Management Division Director Bob Jurgens. “Input from community members provides us with valuable feedback about the site and our processes that can be implemented in our team’s approach to the cleanup of the Findett Corp. Superfund Site.”

The Sixth Five-Year review for the site is due by July 20, 2025. EPA Region 7’s site team has developed an extensive schedule to ensure that the Five-Year Review will be finalized before the due date, while managing several other cleanup milestones at the site.

EPA Region 7 will host a public availability session to discuss the findings of the Five-Year Review once the report is finalized and published in summer 2025.

Learn more about the Findett Corp. Superfund Site.

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