EPA Begins Assessment Activities at HPI Products Inc. in St. Joseph, Missouri


LENEXA, KAN. (JUNE 27, 2023) – An EPA on-scene coordinator (OSC) and contractors have begun the removal assessment phase at HPI Products Inc. facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri.

During this phase, EPA will oversee the organization and categorization of thousands of containers of potentially hazardous, non-hazardous, and uncharacterized wastes stored at HPI’s facilities. The inventory and assessment of these containers is an essential step in determining the threats that the containers’ contents may pose to the community and the environment and the next steps to address those containers.

In the past, inspectors from EPA and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) discovered rusted and leaking containers at HPI’s facilities and observed that the buildings themselves were dilapidated, partially collapsed, or in danger of collapse, and are located in overburdened communities.

Read more about EPA’s enforcement history at HPI Products Inc.

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