EAM-Mosca’s Randy Wright  To Retire After 30 Years

After devoting more than three decades of his career to EAM-Mosca, Randy Wright, Vice President of Corrugated Industry Sales, announced that he will be transitioning into retirement over the next year. As he reflects on time spent with the company, he acknowledges that his career has been highly rewarding. Retracing his journey over these past 30+ years also highlights significant moments of achievement for the company since its inception occurred only a few years prior to bringing Wright on board. 

Over the past 30 years, Wright served in a handful of roles, promoting from Regional Sales Manager and National Sales Manager to Vice President of Corrugated Industry Sales. During this time, Wright stepped up to challenges and addressed the growing pains of a company that initially only manufactured inline and offline bundlers.  

The limited product offering may seem unusual for a company that has grown into a global supplier of strapping equipment. However, upon EAM’s inception, the founders had no plans for offering bundlers or any other type of strapping equipment. Instead, Dierk Wessel, Bob Leighton, and Hartmut Boellmann planned to run a marketing service, supporting European companies as they entered U.S. markets. But their indelible, positive reputations amongst both consumers and suppliers in the strapping industry quickly pulled them back in. 

In July 1992, EAM-Mosca hired Wright, who had already spent ten years in the industry, as a Regional Sales Manager to help manage its rapidly scaling operations and burgeoning demand.  Both sides knew right away that this was a great fit.

By 2002, Wright had received a promotion to National Sales Manager as the company continued to expand. Throughout his time at the company, there’s always been “a dedication at Mosca to innovate and be the very best, and sometimes that costs more, so we seldom are the lowest cost solution from the initial investment, but we offer the best value.” 

This is what makes EAM-Mosca unique. As a privately-owned company, it did not need to contend with bottom-line pressures from shareholders, as is often the case for publicly owned companies. Because of that freedom, Wright explains that “the attitude that came from the ownership was always customer-focused and included the support to solve problems and to come up with great solutions.” 

For this reason, Wright found his work especially rewarding, and as a result, he never gave attention to opportunities outside the company. When it became clear that his role as National Sales Manager would be better served by moving to company headquarters, staying with EAM was never in question. Three years after his promotion, he relocated to Pennsylvania. 

Less than ten years after promoting to National Sales Manager, Wright was asked to serve as Vice President of Corrugated Industry Sales, marking another milestone for the company, which had grown from operations that dabbled in strapping systems in the 1990s to a globally recognized and trusted strapping systems supplier by 2010.  

“Randy’s long term involvement with the corrugated industry made him an invaluable resource in the company’s effort to develop industry leading solutions for end of line process automation” says Dierk Wessel, founder of EAM-Mosca.

As he tapers down over the next year, Wright will miss the people he’s worked with for years. He’ll miss the walls within the company headquarters and colleagues who made his job “much easier than it could have been.” He will also miss the clients with whom he developed close relationships over several decades. While change is inevitable, he’s working hard to reassure clients that those relationships couldn’t be left in more competent hands. 

From left, Mike Murphy, Jimmy Dodd and Dan Covert

Jimmy Dodd and Michael Murphy are transitioning into Wright’s role with shared responsibilities as Directors of National Accounts – Corrugated. Both Dodd and Murphy have a long history at EAM-Mosca and understand the company, the industry, and the product line. Dan Covert, who has been with the company for 28+ years, most recently as Product Manager for all unitizers, will also be taking on more responsibilities handling all larger corrugated bundling systems in addition to all unitizers as Director of Capital Projects – Corrugated.  Wright will continue taking on special projects as needed.

Wright is now envisioning a retirement full of both domestic and international travel, and he’s looking forward to the possibility of trips spanning several weeks at a time.

“As much as we all at EAM-Mosca wish Randy a long, happy, well-deserved retirement, we will miss having him as a key member of our team immensely. Our great success and growth as a supplier to the corrugated industry are directly correlated to the significant and countless number of contributions that Randy has made to our business,” says Edward Martin, EVP of Sales and Marketing. “I believe most of us want a career where we can look back and say that we made a meaningful difference in what we did. Suffice it to say that Randy made a big difference at EAM-Mosca and has been instrumental in helping us contribute to the success of our customer base.” 


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