EAM-Mosca Celebrates Completion Of $9M Campus Renovation In Hazle Township, PA

EAM-Mosca Corp. announced the Grand Opening of its newly renovated building in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. The remodeled complex becomes the second structure of a two-building campus that serves clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.

The new building is located at 525 Jaycee Drive, close to Interstate 81 and adjacent to the company’s existing headquarters at 675 Jaycee Drive. EAM-Mosca acquired the land in December 2020 and broke ground on the $9 million renovation project in June of 2023. Less than a year later, the strategic expansion is open for business.

The newly unveiled corporate headquarters is part of a larger $20.6 million strategic initiative to expand EAM-Mosca’s economic footprint in Pennsylvania. In addition, the state-focused investment was partly funded by a $250,000 Pennsylvania First grant provided by Governor Josh Shapiro. The project represents a positive step forward for both EAM-Mosca and the surrounding Hazle Township community.

“This is not an isolated case,” said Christian Wiethuechter, President & CEO at EAM-Mosca Corp. “If we look at the last five years, we’ve invested more than $50 million here in Pennsylvania actually to grow ourselves, to serve the market. But this is now a $20 million strategic initiative that we’ve embarked on.”

The reclaimed facility is a massive 118,000-square-foot addition to the original 165,000-square-foot headquarters. The combined two-building campus contains over 30,000 square feet of office space (15,000 of which are in the newly renovated addition). It also contains over a quarter of a million square feet of operational space, which will be used to expand operations and meet growing customer demand.

This expansion effort includes the launch of the company’s Machinery Center of Excellence, an initiative designed to improve product development and customization for end-of-line packaging equipment. The new structure also contains an innovative state-of-the-art showroom, which features EAM-Mosca’s end-of-line packaging strappers and stretch wrappers.

The Hazle Township location is the corporate headquarters for all of the Americas, handling machine assembly and customization, strapping production, spare parts, and service support for the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd., located in Whitby, Ontario, manufactures the company’s unitizers, large strapping machines used to compress and strap pallet loads, and manages all machine, strapping, and parts sales in Canada. EAM-Mosca de Mexico, located in Monterrey, Mexico, manages all machines, strapping, and parts sales in Mexico. Mosca do Brasil, established in 2020, handles all business transactions in Brazil.

The business model is the combination of the machine, the consumable, and the service. That has allowed the company to grow to the point where it has expanded beyond the United States’ borders with operations in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, employing more than 350 talented people in the Americas region, and over 30,000 equipment installations.

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