Amtech Software Announces Launch Of Advanced Shipment Planning Module

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania based Amtech, a provider of software solutions for the corrugated packaging industry, announced the launch of Advanced Shipment Planning (ASP), a new module for their EnCore ERP.

This extension leverages machine learning technology to help automate logistics planning, enabling corrugated manufacturers to cut costs, optimize operational efficiency, and increase profitability.

ASP was specifically designed to modernize the truck route planning process for the packaging industry. It uses complex algorithms to autonomously schedule routes based on production readiness and a variety of other parameters, reducing the time and effort dedicated to logistics planning.

Chuck Schneider, CEO of Amtech, said, “We are committed to providing our clients with tools that are both efficient and transformative.

“ASP allows businesses to maximize truck capacity, enhance delivery planning, and swiftly adapt to changing customer needs.”

ASP’s features include:

  • Optimized Scheduling Algorithms: For precise and efficient route planning
  • Simultaneous Multi-Truck and Multi-Day Planning: Allowing businesses to plan for several trucks and days concurrently
  • Customized Deliveries: Deliveries can be tailored based on various criteria, offering flexible, custom solutions
  • Real-Time Operational Insight: Immediate visibility into the production status of planned orders
  • Simplified Exception Management: Integrating critical data for fast and efficient exception resolution

ASP employs machine learning to intelligently assign orders to trucks, aligning trailer loading with effective route planning.

It provides real-time visibility into the production status of planned orders, facilitating efficient truck capacity management.

“The launch of Advanced Shipment Planning is a significant milestone for both Amtech and the packaging industry,” Schneider said. 

“We believe ASP will become an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their shipping operations and achieve maximum operational efficiency.”

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