I spy with my little eye a dozen dazzling packages that appeal to today’s snackers. Whether it’s touting portability, one-hand functionality, portion control, a health message or deserved indulgence, these packs sell consumers on the value of a quick pick-me-up in their busy lives.


Oreo Game of Thrones package

1. GoT cookie send-off

To celebrate the final season/episode of the widely popular HBO series, Oreo’s created a special limited-edition package that dons “Game of Thrones” branding. The black package displays a sole Oreo cookie superimposed on the show’s Iron Throne, accurately reflecting the spirits of both brands.


NEXT: Caffinated gummies

2. Caffinated gummies

This sweet snack plays on the popularity of cold-brew coffees for a quick pick-me-up anytime of the day or night. Mini drink cups with faux straws hold sealed bags of gummie bears infused with signature coffee blends from Alfred’s, a chain of coffee shops. Padded labels complete the authentic look.


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3. Stay-fresh protein bites

Matte lidding film provides a great flat billboard for sausage bites from Old Wisconsin as the package sits or hangs during store merchandising. Perfs on the shelf-stable flexible pack make it easy to open; a zipper makes it easy to reseal.


NEXT: High-end flavored tuna

4. High-end flavored tuna

Who needs bread to enjoy great tuna from Chicken of the Sea! This portable cup has a fork molded into its lid and a tuna-shaped window on the front label (as well as a clear bottom) so consumers can easily see the quality of this unique protein snack.


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5. Portable, pop-able peanut butter

Creating a portable snack from sticky, spreadable peanut butter takes a little ingenuity! Skippy does it by wrapping real Skippy peanut butter around pretzel bites and packing them in a reclosable cup that fits perfectly in car cup holders.


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6. Kid-friendly yogurt crunch

With its new Gimmies product line, Chobani takes a cue from the cottage cheese category with a flip-able two-bowl pack that lets kids mix up their own tasty Rainbow Sprinkle Cone yogurt crunch for a quasi-healthy snack they can “make” themselves.


NEXT: Differentiated granola bites

7. Differentiated granola bites

Amid the boxy aisle of granola bars, the new Nature Valley Granola Bites line from General Mills stands out in a matte-finish, reclosable, Doyen-style pouch that competes well with a gently curved front-panel billboard. Snackers can treat themselves to a little bite of goodness to “Satisfy your sweet craving with a perfectly portioned bite.”


NEXT: Granola bites shine

8. Granola bites shine

Also jumping into the new category of pop-able granola bites, Quaker opts for a shiny Doyen-style reclosable pouch that is nearly identical in size to its Nature Valley competitor. Interestingly, Quaker also chooses to promote the pouch’s easy-open tear feature rather than its reclosable zipper.


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9. Goldfish line extension

How do you distinguish a new line extension in an already extensive flavor field? For its new Grahams products, Pepperidge Farm uses the same block-bottom bag style but pops the brighter colors with glossy film instead of muted paper.


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10. Big-kid fruit snack

Go Go Squeez Blastz puree fruit snacks from Materne North America corner the market by appealing to older kids with a bigger pouch and grown-up carton design. One curved corner and subtle embossing on “Blastz” signals a more sophisticated to-go treat made from 100% fruit so kidults can “snack on something real” when life moves fast.


NEXT: Candy waffle

11. Candy waffle

Hershey’s Waffle Layer Crunch combines waffle cone pieces with flavored crèmes topped with chocolate for a tasty treat that ice-cream lovers can enjoy all year long—no freezer required! Extra varnish on the tented and fold-sealed bag helps the product photo and brand name pop on shelf.


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12. Oh me, oh MY own dessert

Foodstirs new Minute Mug Cake Mix continues the brand’s family-look with the same “peaked”-style cartons as its other product lines.



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