The Paperboard Packaging Council invites members to its inaugural PPC Next Leadership Summit on July 17-19 in the greater Chicago area.

The exclusive, interactive meeting, taking place at RRD Corporate Offices at 4101 Winfield Rd. in Warrenville, promises to unite, ignite, and build the most promising leaders in the paperboard packaging industry.

Designed to help PPC member companies engage and retain their top talent, the summit fosters community sharpens management skills and addresses pressing issues facing young professionals in today’s workforce.

PPC Next will deliver engaging discussions, collaborative sessions, and opportunities for deep-rooted connection. Participants will dive into key issues affecting our industry while learning tactics and tools for navigating workplace dynamics.

As part of the summit, participants will take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PI). Measuring four behavioral drives, PI provides a simple framework for understanding individuals’ workplace behavioral styles. Employee behavior reflects the unique ways you and your co-workers contribute to the team and organization. By understanding how these behaviors manifest day to day, you can take steps to accommodate your people’s needs and improve your team.

Teri Kinsella, Talent Optimization Advisor for PI Midlantic, will be the facilitator. With a career spanning 25+ years, Teri brings broad experience to her clients, ranging from leadership of Fortune 500 global initiatives to entrepreneurship. Her select list of current clients includes Oracle, Corcentric, Daycon, Dymax, Envision Experience, HR Certification Institute, InfoVista and SB One Bank.

Leveraging the combined efforts of PI’s dynamic software, state-of-the-art science, and Teri’s rich experience, she will help develop leaders to drive results.

PPC Next is designed to encourage professionals to build long-lasting careers within their companies. The summit provides companies with an exclusive opportunity to identify and invest in their current and future leaders.
Attendees will leave the summit with tangible skills to make their organization better equipped to compete in the marketplace and a strong network of peers for comradery, best practice sharing, and friendship.

Current session topics include Leaders at Every Level, Self-Aware Leader Exercise, Elements Of Effective Communication, PPC Industry Panel Discussion, Preparing For And Executing Difficult Conversation, Mastering Time Management, and Public Speaking: Establishing Credibility, The Power Of Persuasion, Preparation Tips For Presenting.

The Leadership Summit will be guided by pro-competitive and anti-trust guidelines. It is intended for member companies to nurture tenure within their organizations.

To register and book rooms at the Hotel Arista, visit

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